Missed Opportunities

For those of you who don’t know, I previously worked at Books-A-Million.  Along with selling books, we also had discount cards and magazine subscriptions to sell.  They give us training on the benefits of each and different ways to pitch both products.


Do you know what one of the easiest ways is to make sure you are successful?  ASK EVERY PERSON.  Every person you choose not to ask is someone that could have said yes.  Every reason you come up with for why they didn't seem like someone who would say yes is one more time you denied them the chance to decide for themselves.  This same principle applies to our lives as Christians as well.


 I.   Don't decide someone's fate for them
      1. We have the responsibility as followers of Christ to share the gospel with EVERY person in our life. (Matt 28:18-20)
           a. Each person we choose not to talk to is one more that may never be saved. (read lyrics of You never mentioned him to me)
           b. Hell is full of missed opportunities 
       2.  Every person deserves the right to accept or reject the word on their own
II.     Never decide a soul can wait
       1.  You never know how long you’ll be in someone’s life
       2.  I lost a dear friend unexpectedly. I said see you later on Friday and he was gone the next.
III.    ALWAYS share the hope of Heaven with others
       1. Whether it be word or deed...
       2. “Assume it’s the last chance you’ll have”



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